Sheila, Iddi win women’s charity boxing bout

Put a group of women in a boxing ring and they will be first to forget that they were screaming during practice, and proceed to tear you apart.


That’s what happened last night when more than eight female celebrities were let loose in a mock boxing bout that – at some moments – had the potential to turn pro.


The intention was to raise funds for the treatment and rehabilitation of one of Kenya’s most successful female boxers Conjestina Achieng, whose mental health has been a source of worry for family and friends.


Her plight was highlighted in the media last month, prompting a public outcry where citizens came together and pondered on what to do help make things better.


Funds were raised and together with Conje’s family a long term plan was hatched to restore the boxer’s former glory, if only in terms of a decent living and a sound mind.


On Wednesday night, musician Suzanna Owiyo invited a host of females to stage a boxing contest namely Capital FM’s Laura Walubengo, Kalekye Mumo of Radio Africa, Pinky Ghelani, Lillian Muli from Citizen TV, musician Iddi Achieng, fashion designer Ann McCreath and former BBA contestant Sheila Kwamboka.


Spectators had to cough up Sh2,000 to watch the show which lasted at least an hour and where Sheila and Iddi emerged victorious in the featherweight and heavyweight categories respectively.


This is how the fighting went down:


Bout 1: (Fast and Furious) Lillian Muli and Pinky (the Panther) Ghelani – Pinky goes hard from the clang of the bell and doesn’t give Lillian a chance to come back in round one. The second round is more balanced but Pinky triumphs in the end.


Bout 2: Sheila (sista of death) and Ann (Kiko the Killer) – Sheila dominates the first round, Ann makes a comeback in the second round but Sheila pulls a quick and confident 1,2 to win the third round.


Bout 3: Laura (the destroyer) and Suzanna (the slayer) – confident boxing from both sides, Laura jumping from side to side and Suzanna throwing long calculated jabs, to emerge the winner.


Bout 4: Kalekye (lady of rage) and Iddi (African thunderbolt) – the friendly fight soon turns competitive and even for the judges it is a very very close call – all three rounds. The audience is asked to help out and Iddi wins via a loud ‘aye’.


Bout 5: Sheila takes on Pinky in a firm match that sees Pinky get slightly hurt in the jaw. Sheila wins.


Bout 6: Suzanna lets Iddi bash her to the ground and loses out on the prize.


The Prime Minister’s better half Ida Odinga was the guest of honour at the event, where TV favourite Julie Gichuru was commentator and judge, with help from the very able Ambassador to Somalia Yvonne Khamati.

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