Collo finally launches solo album Since 85


Give Rap King Collo a helipad and he will make a listening party out of it. Or at least he did last Friday…


The musician who has been around “Since 85”, as the title of his album suggests, had an exclusive listening party for friends, fellow musicians and the media on the KICC rooftop.


Using the helipad as the stage, Collo showed the audience that he was completely grown and rebranded from his claim to fame – former hip- hop group Kleptomaniax.


Boasting a string of hit songs with input from various artists like Abbas, Didge, Amileena and Sauti Sol, the self-named Rap King who is already well known established himself firmly with Since 85.


“I have grown both as an artist and an individual. The use of the helipad was intended to show the growth and the rebrand of Collo. And I think it achieved that,” he told Capital Lifestyle on telephone.


“Kenyan artists have good music and good videos. This was my attempt at good entertainment.”


The backdrop of Since 85 was Nairobi city in all of its lights, as panoramic as always from the heights of the KICC. He employed the services of the Gogosimo band for his performance, which comes weeks before the album is available for sale.


Songs like Yummy, Masupa, Kuwa Mpole, Gal Like You, Hodi Hodi and Toboa are on the album as well as the track Dreamer, a song about his baby daughter and pride and joy Tawala.


The event that was organized by Porgie and The Ideas Company was filled with social butterflies and a host of musicians including P-Unit, Octopizzo, Madtraxx and Juliani.

(Photos by Roy King the Photographer)



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