Bez impresses at inaugural TM100

It’s impossible to know what to expect when Bez gets on stage. The 28 year old Nigerian musician showed his skill on Thursday night by manoeuvring through several music genres without batting an eyelid.

Everyone on the team had a part; his left handed bass guitarist, the drummer setting the tone for each song, a background vocalist who also sang, danced and created sound amazing effects.

“My name Bez, means the first man of the land. For me, Kenya has given me many firsts. Last year in October, when I came to Nairobi, it was my first time out of Nigeria. I have been to so many places since. I am now the first artist to perform at the Tusker Malt Club – this is wonderful for me. Thank you Kenya,” he said during his first set.

Sara Mitaru stood strong on stage as the inaugural Tusker Malt 100 Club kicked off, trendy in black and red.

The duo sang their only collabo, before Bez went on to steal the show, and the hearts of club members, some who barely knew him.

The theme of the music skirted around love, and the retro afro-pop feel of it was complemented by the decor on stage, consisting of flashing lights and empty Tusker Malt bottles stacked like books in a case.

Here’s what it looked like…

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