6 important things you shouldn’t do after a breakup

6. Do not maintain regular contact

Part of this point may have an exception to it hence it coming last on this list.

If your aim is to forget someone and move on with your life then keeping in touch with them won’t make moving on easier. You will always find yourself going back to that place where you were with them as a couple. You are likely to start missing them, you can’t help it but if they are still not feeling you then you are wasting your emotions on the wrong person and you may even be bothering them by contacting them.

However if you broke up in not so bad terms and respected each other during the relationship then a birthday wish here and a Christmas greeting there won’t hurt.Just don’t assume that things should be the same as when you were together and when they don’t respond to your texts or emails, don’t beat yourself about it.

In short, just be grown up about it and move on with your life. #YOLO!

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