6 important things you shouldn’t do after a breakup

Breaking up is hard to do as it means cutting that special bond you had with that certain someone. In most cases a breakup will leave at least one of the parties involved with a broken heart! Of course heart breaks suck! And as their name suggests they leave you with a heart that feels like it is in tiny little pieces.

The ideal thing for one to do after a breakup is to try and survive the break up and come out of it smelling of roses. To successfully do this, you have to work towards achieving that bearable ending for both of you. I have always believed that a relationship that didn’t work out should have at least left you with something…An experience! whether good or bad and in case it is the latter then you should at least have learnt a very important lesson….and this is if you want to come out of it stronger.

You are allowed a brief pity party after which you are expected to pull yourself together.

At this time try as hard as you can to NOT do the following:

1. Do not beg your now ex to get back with you

Desperation is what will be read all over your face if you dare pull this move. Some break-ups happen because you did wrong or because someone doesn’t feel you anymore. So if you go back and act all desperate like life will not continue without your now ex you are bound to heap on some more heartbreak on top of the existing ache. It’s like you are willingly asking for a more intense kind of heartbreak.

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