I believe there are men…

(By Mercy Macheche) I have had my fair share of heartbreaks and those moments when I cried my eyeballs out and swore that I will never ever get into a relationship again only to “relapse” after a month and repeat the same vicious cycle.

Call me a hopeless romantic or a dreamer but I want to believe that there are:

*Men out there who will initiate conversations because they can’t wait to see what you will say next.

*Men who want to go on dates, real Dates, not to a dimly lit bar that is loud and he has to scream at the top of his lungs to tell you that he really likes you, while a patron behind you is groping your ass.

*Men who want to talk to you for longer than just one drink after work and longer than what’s enough to get you in bed.

*Men who you won’t have to try and convince to see you.

*Men who don’t play games of ice and fire, today they are hot, tomorrow they are cold.

*Men who have grown past cryptic messages that give you hell decoding them.

*Men who don’t have sex as their driving force and motivation, but just love being around you.

*There are men who want to hold your hand in public and enjoy walking around stores shopping for things they can’t afford, but love the feeling of your tiny fingers interlaced with their huge bony knuckles.

*Men who want to show you off to the stranger on the street because they find you so incredibly intoxicating and amazing.

*Men who don’t care what people think with you by their side, and are pleased to be someone you chose to roam about town with.

*There are men who are honestly proud of you and your successes and not intimidated by them.

*Men who are amazed by your determination, passion and hard work.

*Men who see the things in you that you don’t notice or decide to ignore.

*Men who will not introduce you as a buddy to their friends and family and yet you have been dating for months and are excited to show you off  even to the women who try to pick them up in bars.

*There are men who aren’t unavailable, who are not ripe with excuses why the timing or the situation or the feeling or the possibility is just not right.

*Men who don’t hesitate on title changes or commitment.

*Men who want to grow with you, love you the best they can, be with you as long as you allow them to.

*There are men who see your insecurities and help you work on them.

*Men who don’t point fingers when your relationship starts crumbling but work on it with you.

*Men who want their face to be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see in the evening.

*Men who even in a crowd of ladies will pick you because they see that X-factor in you.

*Men who are not perfect but appreciate that you have accepted them for who they are and in turn appreciate you 100 fold.

*Men who wont walk out on you when the tide is high.

*Men who are firm, grounded, sane and know what they want. Men who won’t cheat on you and blame it on the “heat of the moment”.

*Men who listen to you, to your hopes and dreams and believe in them.

*Men who know what to say, when to say and how to say when you’ve had a rough day, men who know that you don’t take advise in the worst of situations, buy you’ll want to hear it in the morning.

*There are men who like the way you look in that sexy hot dress as well as in those pyjamas and baggy sweaters.

*Men who want to watch the wrinkles form around your eyes and around your mouth, because they’ve spent decades listening to that laugh, the laugh that made their days better.

*Men who will leave you notes around the house to let you know just how much they love you.

*Men who send you sweet or dirty messages during the day, even after you’ve been married for fifteen years.

*Men who adore all the things that make you a woman, even when those things bear babies instead of nights of sexual pleasure, even when those things drag instead of rise to occasions.

Is this too much for a girl to believe and hope for?


Mercy Macheche

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