Woman on Top: Are Women the new Men?

(Victor Okwaro) – Times have changed. Gone are the days when ladies were considered the weaker sex, when women’s roles were limited to the child bearing and the home. Gone are the days when women would timidly back off and let the man take control.

This is a new era…It’s the era of the woman in charge. The aggressive, man eating woman who takes no prisoners. The woman on top.

It may seem exaggerated but look around you. It won’t take you long to spot the ladies that I’m talking about-confident, tough, smart, aggressive, successful, in managerial positions, directors on multi-national boards, marketing or brand managers, making lots more money than men, including their own husbands. It’s now common place to find the wife earning two or three times more than her husband. The power base has shifted, and now its common place to find the man having no choice but to accept his position as ceremonial ‘head of the house’.

We see these powerful women everywhere; in traffic driving the biggest and flashiest SUV’s you could imagine. Oh, and if you’re expecting her to give way on the road you have another thing coming. She drives just as rough as the matatu drivers, maybe worse. She has learnt well, too well actually. She has road rage, and when she throws out obscene hand gestures and shouts out invectives in traffic, you better move out of her way, or experience the wrath of a woman who doesn’t give a (bleep)…

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