Can you see Kanye in Sauti Sol’s new video?

“No we did not copy Kanye West’s Runaway video,” say Sauti Sol in reference to their latest YouTube upload ‘Range Rover’.


Accusations have been made since the video was released late last night, some telling off the band for ‘copying’ the eccentric Kanye.


But speaking to Capital Lifestyle on telephone, band member Chimano admits that in hindsight it kind of looks like Kanye West’s video, but insists that that was not the concept.


“We hadn’t even noticed. When people started making the comments is when we looked at it and saw the resemblance, but it is in essence very different.”


They went on to explain that Range Rover, a single from their latest EP, is like their version of ‘Kigeugeu’ – in principal.


This is how it plays out; lead singer Bien gives his sexy to the camera as the song starts. He sings about his new Range Rover, and is all of a sudden surrounded by the rest of the band members aka friends.


They play with his car and his girl and his rooster, before betraying him after sharing a meal with him. The three band members aka friends run off with the flashy new Range Rover Evoque and the girl. Bien is not left with stones blocking a road – as happened to Jaguar in Kigeugeu – but food and his beloved rooster.


Though the meal they share is fashioned from the Last Supper in the Bible, where Jesus was betrayed by Judas, it is highly unlikely that there is any religious sponsorship in the video.


Everybody loves that chicken but no ‘rooster religion’ is expected to emanate from the ultra-popular afro-pop band’s video.


Range Rover, was shot in a building in Amsterdam that used to be a bullet factory. The abandoned warehouse look complements the smartly dressed Sauti Sol band members, who fawn over Burundian-born model Nella Ngingo, a Range Rover and a white rooster.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like the video?


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