EABL unveils new look Pilsner

Pilsner Lager, one of EABL’s most iconic beer brands in the region, has unveiled a re-newed positioning in the market featuring a fresh bolder look that will revolutionize its connection with consumers…

As part of its new strategic direction, East Africa Breweries Limited has launched a revitalized identity for its iconic brand Pilsner Lager.

The unveiling of the new Pilsner Lager is part of EABL’s market strategy to renew its positioning and rejuvenate a powerful connection with its consumers through a marketing platform dubbed ‘King of Bold’.

Pilsner has been strongly known for its distinctive slogan ‘Imara Kama Simba’ that has successfully captured the essence of what the brand stands for –masculinity and perceived strength. In its re-launch, the bold play in the character of the brand has truly come to bear with the new roll-out featuring a tasty redesign of the iconic Pilsner bottle, a reworked iconography of the logo, crown and label.

Speaking during the colorful high-stunt launch characterized by the unveiling of a giant size model of the new look brand, EABL Kenya Managing Director, Joe Muganda reinforced the brand’s rationale for seeking an invigorating connection with its core consumers.

“Further to enhancing the brand’s relevance amongst young adult consumers who want a contemporary brand, we expect this launch to set stage for not only creating a new bold identity and repositioning among its consumers but also to revitalize a powerful connection that will unlock its long-term growth in the market.”

Mr. Muganda termed the rejuvenation a reward to loyal Pilsner consumers, while maintaining the revamped Pilsner was a response to by consumer research but does not affect its unique quality flavour and volume.

The new long neck (LN) bottle replaces the shortneck (Euro) packaging and adds a completely aesthetic touch to the brand appeal.

Additional elements of the refreshed brand include a reworking of the back label and crown whilst the iconic trademark lion symbol has been re-vamped to bring to life the true bold attributes of the ‘King of Bold’ lion.

According to EABL Group Marketing and Innovations Director, Debra Mallowah,  the new changes reflect Pilsner’s bold and assertive positioning in the market that will go a long way to creating that greater connection with its target consumers.

“This year we re-ignite the belief in our Pilsner consumers with an end-to-end campaign positioned at driving brand re-appraisal. The bold changes better reflects on the consumers’ dynamic lifestyles while enhancing the premium positioning of the brand, “said Mallowah.

The rejuvenation will be supported by an integrated media campaign featuring both above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL), exciting consumer activations that will engage the consumer throughout the launch period. The roll out campaign will also move to other towns in equal measure and experience including other engagement channels such as digital media communication and Pilsner showdown parties.

Pilsner is the third largest market share holder in the country and one of Eastern Africa’s largest regional beer brands, with a presence in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Southern Sudan and Rwanda.

Below are images from the event:


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