New Film Alert: The Return of Lazarus

“The Return of Lazarus”, Alexandros Konstantaras latest film, had a successful screening at Chichester Film Festival last month. It was described as “delightful and really beautifully filmed. The performance of Lizz NJagah Konstantaras was remarkable.”

As now the film is getting ready for its Kenyan premier (aiming for the Kenyan International Film Festival next month) a second trailer was created targeting mainly the Kenyan audience:

The film is a Greek road movie with a Kenyan touch.

Two brothers, Lazarus (Alexandros Koch) and Kyriakos (Nelson Lucas), set out for a road trip to Maronia, Northern Greece, in a quest for the mythical cave of the Cyclops. On their journey they meet King’ora (Lizz Njagah), a Kenyan woman who works in a local motel…

In the same time Alex and Lizz are working quietly on a new project which aims to be an East African first.

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