Oliberté flies the flag for “Made in Africa” shoes-SS13 collection

Oliberté is a brand that is uniquely and proudly Made in Africa and why we continue to support what Tal and team do out in Ethiopia.

The concept of creating premium goods comes from the idea of skilled crafts people molding the finest of materials into exquisite design. Oliberté embodies that concept by melding the heritage of African artisans with forward- thinking technique and design. Every Oliberté product is made with 100% natural leather and is constructed with over 1,000 stitches by men and women that are paid and treated fairly – all part of the company’s belief that Africa is full of pride, power and liberty.

In June 2012, Oliberté opened its first independently owned factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where it employs 40+ men and women. The company also continues to work with partners in Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mauritius and South Africa as it grows as a brand, a family, and a champion for change through manufacturing and fashion out of Africa. As they say:

Today is only the same day as yesterday, if we do absolutely nothing about tomorrow

Leather is the main component of their shoes and bags, but not because leather is sexy, but because it is durable, and lasts ages and thus keeps its history.

Sourced from farmers in Ethiopia where livestock is a mainstay, their leather comes from animals that first function as free-range livestock, who produce milk, used for transportation and eventually used for shoes etc. In fact, they live, on average, five to six years longer than domesticated livestock in developed countries, and receive no hormone injections.

They choose to buy this leather as a way to support local farming lifestyles and tanneries and are committed to make sure the processing of the leather is done in the most eco-friendly way as possible. They continue to look for other material sources in Africa which they can incorporate into their styles and above all results in an expansion of job-creation locally.

As you check out their SS13 collection you will see this message continues as their ingrained history and story. From shoes to bags it resonates hand craft, skill, freshness and originality and above all….Africa.

This is Africa.

This is Oliberté.




This piece is courtesy of www.africafashionguide.com

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