Architecture and food in Argentine wineries

(XINHUA) – For those who like to enjoy a glass of wine within four walls, it is sometimes easy to forget the industry is closely connected with nature.

As ties are becoming increasingly closer between China and Argentina, wineries in the South American country are trying to lure Chinese tourists not just with their great wines but also the dazzling scenery, magnificent architectural beauty and delicious food.

Sheltered by the Andes Mountains and fed by its melt water, wineries in the Mendoza area – the winemaking area in the center of West Argentina that produces 70 percent of the beverage in the South American country – command a breathtaking view of leafy green vineyards growing against a background of snow-capped mountains.

In some cases, the architecture of the winery itself is an essential part of the landscape. Located near the town of Tupungato, a two-hour drive southwest from the downtown area of Mendoza city, the Dutch-owned Salentein winery features an impressive complex.

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