Rachel + Brian : No more dull, routine weddings


Boring, routine weddings have become a thing of the past it seems. Attending a wedding would mean go to the church, sit down, wait for the bridal party to match slowly down the proverbial aisle, then the bride would be walked down the aisle and the ceremony would begin and that would be it! Boring huh?

Things have since changed and weddings have become events where you can go, get entertained and really feel included and like your presence at the wedding really matters.

Take Rachel and Brian for instance. A young couple who recently exchanged vows at a fun-filled wedding ceremony that saw them incorporate both their vibrant personalities in their entire wedding ceremony.
They did things a bit differently. Instead of the usual matching down the aisle…they had a little surprise for their guests who had tons of fun watching them do their thing and see the couple become one in a unique and vibrant manner that just expressed how so in love they are with each other and how they couldn’t wait to start life together as one.

Below is their wedding video:

Video courtesy of ALKOCREATIVELimited


  • mimi

    ??????????????????? i don’t see what they did differently this is a typical kawaida kenya wedding capital your article is misleading i was expecting to see something out of this world this is in no way any different from those weddings on “the wedding show”. Congrats to the newlyweds tho

  • William west

    As a viewer from the United States, this was a very musical, festive, colorful, and jubilant wedding to see. Congradulations to the couple and the wedding planner.
    The Wedding Painter Artist of New York City William West

  • I love it! i love it! i love it!
    Congrats to Rachel and Brian…be blessed always 🙂

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