Are your fashion buds ready for Zeeral Mode?

The co-founders of Zeeral Mode (a fashion line that specializes in everything African: from African prints, Leso, Kanga, Ankara and African design is their forte. It line holds designs suitable for the modern woman, kids wear and some male accessories (bowties, ties, etc) are three young ladies : Liz Aluvanze, Jolie Lanji Ouko,Loraine Achar who have been friends for 4 years and are bound together by their love for anything fashion.

Liz and Loraine are students at the University of Manchester studying Aerospace Engineering and Actuarial Science respectively while Lanji is a student at the University of Leeds studying Law but together they decided to venture into the beautiful world of fashion.

They confess that… “The experience has been wonderful with a few ups and downs, but what would life be without a few lessons to learn?”

On Saturday the 8th of September, the trio will launch their fashion line and online shopping website ( at a ground-breaking evening event at Bonds Garden Restaurant.

They will also take the opportunity to formally introduce the charity that has been sponsored by Zeeral Mode (Action Foundation Kenya). More details on the event can be found on the Zeeral Mode facebook page https://www.facebook/#!/zeeralmode.

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