If he’s not gay then what is he?


A dear Capital Lifestyle Magazine reader is in a fix and has shared her story. She seeks your advice. Remember, the views expressed are solely the opinion of the reader, and not Capital FM’s.

There’s a possibility that I may be jumping the gun here but I have been stocking up on evidence so that I don’t accuse anyone falsely.

I have been married for four years and I still don’t have a child. In those four years I can count for you the amount of times I have had sex with my husband…believe me they are less than 25 (very low number considering a year has 365 days) and the surprising bit is that we ONLY have sex when he is under the influence of something. We’ve never done it when he’s sober.

At first I used to think he just had a poor sexual appetite and I was willing to change that. I knew that would change especially after he got a dose of what I had to offer in marriage. But it kept getting worse.

This is how my husband behaves in a nutshell:

* During sex he looks tortured and you can just tell he’s pretending to enjoy the moment.

*He does have very strange sexual demands and always blames it on whatever substance that’s in his system.

*He always insists  on picking out my outfits including undies.

*He’s overly metrosexulal and always looks like he’s just stepped out of a magazine.

*He owns more facial products than a cosmetic shop. In fact it’s been a while since I bought my own products because I can always borrow his.

*He is always at the gym and yet he has ZERO interest in any sport! Wait! I’ve caught him watching sumo wrestling at least twice.

*He doesn’t like talking about children and when he does, he speaks of a little girl and how he can’t wait to have her in pigtails and take her to the best salons and always insists that she better have good hair.

*He looks at other men in a certain way… almost flirtatious but when you point out at a guy and say something about what that guy is wearing, he pretends to not care and won’t even look at him.

*He only wears clothes that are too tight and has every stylish item including four designer man bags.

*He sometimes wears my perfume and pretends to be on role play mode.

*When we would watch porn together, he would concentrate on the male actor and his goodies.

*He is very friendly with younger guys.

*At a bar he will invite a strange man over to our table and even volunteer to buy him drinks and then all of a sudden all his attention will focused on the stranger.

*He makes secretive calls to male “friends” he has never mentioned to me.

These are just but some of what I’ve noticed. I have tried to cast a blind eye about all this but then again the writing is always on the wall.

I am really not sure how gays behave and I could be having my own fears but can anyone out there verify if my husband is really gay? And if he’s not, then what is he?  Please help as I need to think about my life, my future and what’s best for me and maybe let him do the same.


  • Josh

    Yes he is I used to do the same thing

  • Tony Bogonko

    y would someone share such information in the media?? what has become of this world? wtf??

  • DanMapesa

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like duck, and looks like a duck…It sure is a duck. Your hubby is 100 percent gay.

    • Hahaaaha quacks quacks,l will not agree more,he is definately a duck 🙂

  • Beano74

    The man is a woman inside. Sorry you cant change that , you are married to a woman.

  • anonymous

    Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwi girlfriend he is G.A.Y!!! No doubt if he aint munching your goodies on a regular he is gaaay!! Giving a stranger attention and buying him drinks… HESUS your gaydar is pathetic…four years and only 25raos?

  • DrDavid

    oh goodness. Ati when watching porn together he drools at the male monster……pole but hes very gay. In a 365 day year I have sex with my wife atleast 300+ times. Please find yourself a straight man if you cannot keep up

  • Bitahmenace

    gay gay gay.

  • bennamz

    Its all written on the wall … all you ssaid are traits of pure GAY dude, waste no chances; run for the hills and save your future before the sun downs… Voila!!!!

  • Sleekweche

    Soooo GAAAAYYYYY….we js helped u confirm your fears

  • A. Kariuki

    He’s not gay…….he just can’t do without being totally nutted by old mother’s and their boy friend’s. That make’s him thoroughly gay.
    That said, you need to share with us why you seek to fool us. Only in movies can one be portrayed as straight and then revealed as gay. You, now, husband’s trait’s are visible with the naked eye – one doesn’t need to get married to him to know – The second your eye’s fell on him you must have asked the question you are seeking nativity – I mean, how gay is a man with make-up Thoroughly gay, He is in the Q’s (In short, you won’t want the truth about his sexual habit’s. They will reap every bit of your stomach apart).

    Lastly, you my dear are also thoroughly Q’d. Married to who, with those trait’s for how long? Please don’t try to legitimize “messed up individual’s” – By individual’s I mean you and your kind who think the world is soo foolish not to know that you know the answer to your question. Lady, the fact that the world doesn’t talk about it to the measure you feel it should be talked about and detested, doesn’t mean it is condoned in any way. Allow me to give you an illustration. If you tell the average man that the individual he is standing next to in the banking hall is gay, he will leave the line immediately!! The average man and most women don’t and can’t begin to understand gay let alone entertain any form of proximity to it. Oprah may support it but you need to know that her viewership isn’t even a fraction of America’s population let alone the world. The fact that 60% of the respondent’s will vote for Raila doesn’t make him the most popular candidate because the total number of people who responded to the news poll were less than 10,000 sms’s (and you can confirm this if you think I’m lying). Now what is 10,000 people as a fraction of Kenya’s total voting population? And please don’t try to mirror the number as a reflection of the votes – This is why – The total number of viewers who watch news and switch channels whenever the poll question is being posed make for a much, much higher population percentage, not to mention how many people mute their TV set’s during political new’s and only watch business and sports…………..wait, there’s the larger majority of Kenyan voter’s who have TV set’s but hate the mention of the word new’s.
    You like the media are trying to sway us into thinking that you don’t know what gay look’s like. We are not fool’s. You are the one who fooled yourself that you could pass off to us as naive – How is it that you have lived with such quire behaviour for 4 years – This is how, you enjoy it. Not onlt do you take advantage of his quire behaviour, you also enjoy it’s fruit’s.

    So, my Dear, what are the fruit’s of staying in a relationship and then marriage with a thoroughly gay Q?
    Shame on you if you even think of coining an answer.

    I only ask one favour -” Please don’t ever have children…..PLEASE DON’T!! ……Q Hell is where you will be sending them too Drummer Queen’s and King’s is what you will create – weird can’t even describe what your kid’s will become…….the kind of weird that will only be known the second they open their mouths.
    As for you and your man – Don’t ever involve us sane people in your world. ………….Psssssssst What made you think you could get away with asking the question………………………..LOL!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • waimonde

      you must be gay too

      • Angie

        Well said Waimonde…First of all can A.Kariuki please go back to school because he’s grammar is lacking and his ideas are all over the place. I don’t think the writer of this article is even offended by your insults because you can’t merely construct a clear sentence…You better come correct! And you must be very very BENT! If you were anymore bent, you would snap like a twig!!

    • dude, chill out. u got ur own issues you can call Capital and then we can comment on them aiight! For now take a breather or a shit, might cool you off

    • mazzdark

      Wait…how did Raila get in here….are you dealing with something……….penis envy, perhaps…..Dude YOU are gay

  • Jack Shenzi

    you’ve caught him watchin sumo wrestling twice!! that’s so gay since those fatties only wear thongs while pushing each other!!! he might be into male cellulite..woishe pole my dear..

    • sumo is not gay. i live in Tokyo and i have seen the women these guys push with, with children.. happy lives. when they are in the ring, they dress as per the code, they don’t spend their lives in “thong”s as you mildly put it.
      I love Sumo, and am not gay, so do more than 15M pple here in Tokyo.
      But that dude, he sure is gay; he just happens to like sumo.

      • Jack Shenzi

        @twitter-237187465:disqus yes sumo is not a gay sport but when a man as fruity as the one in this story is caught watchin sumo is suspicious…what we’ve not been told is that he might be jerking off to sumo too….you never know..hehe

  • patkam

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • T.Shad

    This A.Kariuki guy sure is twisted,how he has inserted politics into a simple yes or no question is amazing.The guy is GAY. Period. Get out of it before you catch him in your bed with a dude.

  • Gay very gay

  • T zinski

    Gai woyie i feel 4 you he is 100 percent gay so u beta kubali that

  • Moses

    Those cosmetic products that you borrow from him are full-proof that he is GAy…!!! Run baby run…find a straight guy who will give it to you like it should be poured! Peace…

  • He’s bisexual LOL !! !!

  • Are you sure he aint getting it somewhere else? If he doesnt have anything on the side then he a wanker, u better get out

  • Kamaa

    wake and smell the coffee…HE’S DAMN GAY!!!! live with it or leave him;the decision is urs

  • YouReallyHavetoAsk

    Actually, the guy is pretty smart. He found a bimbo like you to marry him…..Ahh! SNAP!

  • Mazzdark

    Aah Nairobi women, where do you get these kind of men – and then you fall for them, SERIOUSLY!!

  • YV

    My dear he is so so Gay……my dear just give up and look for another man and you and him so just be friends….!!!!

  • Dr Hako

    God Save our world

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