If he’s not gay then what is he?

A dear Capital Lifestyle Magazine reader is in a fix and has shared her story. She seeks your advice. Remember, the views expressed are solely the opinion of the reader, and not Capital FM’s.

There’s a possibility that I may be jumping the gun here but I have been stocking up on evidence so that I don’t accuse anyone falsely.

I have been married for four years and I still don’t have a child. In those four years I can count for you the amount of times I have had sex with my husband…believe me they are less than 25 (very low number considering a year has 365 days) and the surprising bit is that we ONLY have sex when he is under the influence of something. We’ve never done it when he’s sober.

At first I used to think he just had a poor sexual appetite and I was willing to change that. I knew that would change especially after he got a dose of what I had to offer in marriage. But it kept getting worse.

This is how my husband behaves in a nutshell:

* During sex he looks tortured and you can just tell he’s pretending to enjoy the moment.

*He does have very strange sexual demands and always blames it on whatever substance that’s in his system.

*He always insists  on picking out my outfits including undies.

*He’s overly metrosexulal and always looks like he’s just stepped out of a magazine.

*He owns more facial products than a cosmetic shop. In fact it’s been a while since I bought my own products because I can always borrow his.

*He is always at the gym and yet he has ZERO interest in any sport! Wait! I’ve caught him watching sumo wrestling at least twice.

*He doesn’t like talking about children and when he does, he speaks of a little girl and how he can’t wait to have her in pigtails and take her to the best salons and always insists that she better have good hair.

*He looks at other men in a certain way… almost flirtatious but when you point out at a guy and say something about what that guy is wearing, he pretends to not care and won’t even look at him.

*He only wears clothes that are too tight and has every stylish item including four designer man bags.

*He sometimes wears my perfume and pretends to be on role play mode.

*When we would watch porn together, he would concentrate on the male actor and his goodies.

*He is very friendly with younger guys.

*At a bar he will invite a strange man over to our table and even volunteer to buy him drinks and then all of a sudden all his attention will focused on the stranger.

*He makes secretive calls to male “friends” he has never mentioned to me.

These are just but some of what I’ve noticed. I have tried to cast a blind eye about all this but then again the writing is always on the wall.

I am really not sure how gays behave and I could be having my own fears but can anyone out there verify if my husband is really gay? And if he’s not, then what is he?  Please help as I need to think about my life, my future and what’s best for me and maybe let him do the same.

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