X-Calibur tears up opposition to win Nokia fete

University student Xcalibur got a healthy launch pad into a hip-hop career with a one year record deal and Sh250,000 after emerging on top at the Nokia Don’t Break the Beat finals on Saturday.


Born Richmond Sangara, the young rapper trounced his fellow contestants by a mile, easily winning the tourney in front of the region’s biggest hip hop names.


In between the top-six emcees efforts to jostle for lyrical dominance; Norway-based Kenyan rapper Stella Mwangi put the pulse on the stage – electrifying hip-hop lovers in the house.


Out of two Kenyans, two Tanzanians and an equal number of Ugandans, it was the Ugandans who got the short end of the stick, losing out on the top three positions.


Ugandan judge and musician Keko said language could have most likely been a barrier.


“It was a very good tournament and the talent in the region is amazing. Maybe going forward we can look into different categories like Swahili and English and even maybe two winners, so that the process is very fair,” she told Capital Lifestyle.


Stella Mwangi, aka STL, used the podium to perform her newest track: Stella, Stella, Stella…

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