Pretty in classic polka dots…

There’s no denying that polka dots are cute and fun. If there’s a print that is vintage looking and ever so feminine…the polka dot is it! Think back to Minnie Mouse and her cute little bow and dress.

There are different types of polka dots. Some big, some medium size and some very small. You will notice that with the polka dots, all the dots on a garment are of the same size.

Polka dots take a outfit from drab to fab instantly. That is the loveable bit of the vintage dots. Even the very dowdy of garments paired with a polka something will all of a sudden liven your look. Plus they pull in  a very feminine feel to your look. So if you are a girlie girl then polka dots are for you.

How to wear polka dots

*If you are shy of bold prints then the very tiny polka dots will suit you best.

*If you are the bold type and don’t shy away from bold prints, then you can play around with the bigger polka dots.

*If you can’t wear a polka dot outfit then polka dot shoes or accessories will work too.

Cute, chic, fun  and in vogue since the 80s the polka dots never disappoint.  Even just a scarf will add that fun je ne sais quoi to your look.


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  1. mercy macheche October 3rd, 2012 at 10:55 am

    I love me some polka on any day.


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