The real Bro Code: 5 rules you should never break


We’ve all heard about the Bro Code.  Whether they’re a set of unwritten rules, or have been etched in stone in some sort of cliff-side – the chances are, you’ve been indirectly or directly affected by it, whether you’re the woman being chased or you were the man who had to swallow your feelings.

According to a Capital Lifestyle reader, who shares their Bro Code dilemma, here are 5 rules you should never break from the Bro Code.


Dear Lifestyle,

I recently met a girl a couple months ago.  We were introduced by my good friend and colleague at a bar.  I really liked her from the moment we met.  I played it cool, and didn’t go full throttle immediately.  But over the next few weeks, as I hung out with her more in a group setting, I noticed that her and my friend seemed to be very close, maybe too much.  I had a gut feeling that there was something there, so I stopped calling or texting her…in honour of the Bro Code.  But, when I asked my friend if there was something between them, he just said they were just friends. But, I knew there was… Still I didn’t do anything.  But just last week, when I bumped into her again, I couldn’t resist.  I told her that I didn’t contact her because I thought there was something going on with her and my Boy.  And then, I flat-out asked her out…breaking the Bro Code.  I feel like sh*t. 

From: Anonymous


Well Reader, yes, as you had feared, you did break the Bro Code.  It’s clear that the girl was off limits, though your friend didn’t explicitly tell you that he was into her, but you thought it was obvious that he was.  And now, you’re suffering or as you put it, feeling like sh*t.  Well to make it a little clearer for you, here are 5 Bro Code rules you should never break.

Bros before hoes

Always remember, girlfriends, flings, hot colleagues and the girl-next-door come and go, but your boys will always be there. Never let a woman get in between your bromance.  If both of you can’t let this one girl go, then agree on a Gentlemen’s Agreement – set ground rules to ensure your friendship won’t be hurt.


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  • Jewel

    Now the Girls Code

  • sabreena

    apart from the sister part..the rest is pure “BS”

    • ken

      thats why its called the bro code sabreena. we never expect the ladies to understand. wonder why you never understand the bond between your man and his bro’s?

      • KN

        I agree with Sabreena, and I’m a guy. The only rule is the sister rule and even that one has caveats.

  • K.O Joe

    The dude denied he had the hots for her. The chick was fair game in my books. And not picking up your girl’s call, that’s BS.

  • This is not 1990, If u cant handle her, let her fly. Doesn’t matter where she perches. For the Sister ish is common Sense. No one would dare go there…

  • I only agree with rule #4, sisters are always off limits no matter how hot they are. As for the rest, total B.S.

  • Okay, can we have the GirlCode ?

  • American Psycho

    LMAO! What a ton of crap!!! #2 says that “exes will always be off limits, FOREVER” and then #3 says to “wait your turn” in line. Won’t they be your friend’s ex by the time it’s your turn? Smdh at anyone who thinks this makes any kind of sense.

    • EXACTLY! These codes are pure garbage.

  • the code still stands ….

  • Some Reader

    ha, regarding #5, how will you know she’s dying or trapped under a lorry unless you pick up the call?

  • bitchnigger

    written by a moron child.

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