This week inside Tunu’s closet: The wedge sneakers

Tunu is a Kenyan fashionista extraordinaire. She is well-versed in fashion matters. She is passionate about fashion such that she makes sure she stocks up her SHOP with the latest worldwide chic trends. She knows what’s IN when it’s still too hot and flying off the stores shelves and she never minds sharing. All this is evident from her closet which is featured on Capital Lifestyle every week as she gives you tips on how to rock some of these fashionable on trend pieces!

This week, we take a look at the the trendy wedge sneakers.

Tunu says:

“Sneakers have always been the most cool and comfortable shoes in existence, but you loose all the glam inches you get from your killer heels. But with the sneaker wedges, the hybrid is both fashionable and functional and you are guaranteed to experience the best of both worlds!”

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