How to deal with an over possessive partner

This is how you deal with your over possessive partner

The situation has to be dealt with somehow and you have to help your partner come from this dark place hence you will have to:

#Share honest personal feelings with them

Speak from your heart and explain to him/her how their behavior makes you feel. You will definitely get a not so pleasant reaction but the situation has to be dealt with somehow. Go easy on them regardless of their reaction to this.

#Be sensitive to their insecurities

Don’t rub their unfortunate situation in their face as this will trigger worse behaviors.

#Make him/her feel a little secure

Let him/her know that you understand what they are going through and it is unfortunate that they have to go through it.

However do not give in to their demands and let them drag you down with them because you will not be helping the situation.

 #Don’t keep any secrets from your partner

Be open about your daily routines. In fact be like an open book to them.

Let him/her know of your whereabouts at all time if possible. And whenever possible, take them with you. Indulge them in your life if it will help make them feel alive again.

#Encourage them to find other interests outside the home

Don’t allow them to become couch potatoes. Sometimes idleness triggers destructive  thoughts.

#Encourage him/her to seek professional help

Be very supportive of your partner. Be sure not to let it culminate into something worse.

Adopt a “we-can-beat-this-thing-together” attitude.

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