Exploring Kenya’s Coast: Café Mocha


It’s hard to believe that 8 years ago, in the bustling port-city Mombasa, there were no coffee shops or casual places where people could lounge-around and catch-up on their day over a great cup of coffee.  Former IT professional, Bijal Dodhia, had no where to entertain his out-of-country guests (I can hear you muttering “So what?”).  But, thanks to that specific event, Dodhia decided to make a career-change, become a Master Barista and open the widely popular neighbourhood coffeehouse, Café Mocha.

Café Mocha’s rich, tongue-tingling coffee blends, eclectic tea collection, fresh pastries, and Lebanese cuisine – ideal for sharing with your partner and table-mates – reflect the verdant landscapes and the far continents where Dodhia has traveled.

According to Eat Out Kenya, the average meal at Café Mocha costs Sh 800. For location details, menu and reservations – make sure you check out http://www.eatout.co.ke/cafemocha  Special thanks to Eat Out Coast.

Casual and relaxed, Café Mocha is simply decorated with its large inviting patio and brightly painted interior, where rows upon rows of fresh pastries, desserts and artisan breads await.

Café Mocha’s attentive and speedy service was great, but then again, Capital Lifestyle visited during off-peak hours.

With coffee blends like Indian Monsoon, where every coffee bean has been dipped in chocolate, Café Mocha is definitely a place where lazily indulging in a cup of mojo would be one of life’s simplest pleasures.

“Good coffee is an art that takes time,” explains Dodhia.  “Even our selection of fifteen ice teas are patiently steeped with real tea.”

For Sheesha fanatics, Café Mocha serves their Egyptian selection from 4pm to midnight.  Vanilla seems to be the current favourite.

Aside from my cup of Café Latte, Café Mocha’s Hot Sizzling Brownie is definitely a must-try.  Gooey, rich, moist and sinfully indulgent, the dark chocolate brownie topped with a mandatory scoop of vanilla ice-cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce over a hot plate – creating the dramatic sizzle that’s sure to get your neighbouring tables jealous – is a crowd-stopper.  If you’re a regular in the Nyali neighbourhood and looking for fresh breads, Café Mocha’s popular and healthy 6 Grain bread will also help start your day at home.

Whether it’s an early Americano or a light lunch or even a late relaxing evening with friends, Café Mocha has definitely solidified itself as one of the neighbourhood favourite spots.  Next time you’re in Mombasa, head to Nyali Cinemax Complex for a cup of gourmet coffee, and more.



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