Talking spouses- How do we right a wrong?

(Thitu Kariba) I recently heard a case where a young couple came together in marriage after they found out they were pregnant. In the past and still in some situations it is required, that if you get a girl pregnant you are to marry her. It was for her own good so that the man could and would take responsibility, and the woman would not be dishonored and abandoned.  The only issue with that is, two wrongs do not make a right. Yes they are pregnant; however, if they do not love and want to be with each other, the worst thing to do is to force them into a lifelong covenant.  In this case the couple’s family chose not to air their dirty laundry and thus covered it with marriage. Do couples out there- even parents- still feel that this is the best way to cover the shame of an unwanted pregnancy?

The girl in this situation was advised by many of her peers that he man she was about to marry was a player who had many other girls out there. After confronting the man about the matter he admitted to having a few women but said that it was long over. The woman loved and wanted the man and he loved and wanted her and decided to go along and get married. They believed she was covering the sins of the man she loved and in so doing expected things to change, the man saw it as a means to show himself no longer as a player and had every intention to stay faithful.  Is marriage the solution to such an issue does it make the man or the situation right or does it just slap a bandage over a gaping rotting wound?

At this moment in time the young couples now have a child and are in a marriage that they were not ready for.  They now have more to deal with than they had bargained for and as a result things have escalated. The young lady is unable to cope with the demands of parenting and marriage and has let herself and the home go. The young man no longer feels attracted or in love with what he has wound up with which is an unkempt home and wife and has taken to finding fulfillment in other women.  The young lady often leaves her husband for days or weeks at a time and blames his cheating ways for that, while the husband cheats on his wife and blames her neglect for her roles as a wife.  Do either of the actions that they chose to take make any of it right?

The world we live in is filled with opinions, ideas and advise on how to right a wrong, but time has shown that none of it works, in the end it all crumbles.  God’s intention for us is not a temporary fix; God not only forgives you but mends you. God takes your situation, takes your wrongs and makes them right once and for all. He does not require you to do anything but to trust Him.  The only thing that can make a wrong thing right is God and in Him there is restoration and vindication. He is a God of justice and in His time He makes all things beautiful if you will get out of the way and let him.

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