The wildebeest cast their spell on the Mara…

The Maasai Mara is packed to capacity. Every movement made by the stars of the season – the Wildebeest – is met by oohs and aahs and camera lenses as long as an adult man’s arm.

Kenya Wildlife Service rangers tells tourists not to get out of their tour vans so that the shy Wildebeest brave the rivers that they must cross to go from one side of the plains to another.

The mooing of the animals as they gather round the river banks sounds – from afar – like a Maasai song just before the jump.

Apart from forming an eerie black line on the yellow planes, the wildebeest also draw out the all the carnivores for an easy kill and confused zebras with them all the way.

A most exciting feature of the migration is seeing the gnus dodge crocodiles as they cross the water strip, and for most tourists it’s not a guarantee that you will get to see it. Sometimes, you might even spot a crocodile backing away from the stomping of the wildebeest.

Tourism Minister Dan Mwazo led a pack of journalists recently to not only witness the 8th wonder of the world, but see for himself the dilapidated condition of the roads that lead to the legendary game reserve.

He was moved to action. Did you get to see the migration this year?

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