Prezzo goes to Naija to look for Goldie


CMB Prezzo held a press conference in Lagos, Nigeria yesterday where he was once again put on his defence over his ‘shoddy’ treatment of Nigerian star Goldie, when they were both in the Big Brother Africa house between June and August.


Wearing stunners and an off-white agbada, the self-proclaimed ‘king of bling’ said his main reason for visiting the West African country was to look for Goldie.


The Kenyan rapper, who came 2nd overall in the BBA contest, may return to Kenya empty handed on Thursday, but at least he poured his heart out to Nigerian journalists.


Prezzo is confident that his golden girl still has feelings for him. Check out an excerpt of the press conference in Ikeja, Lagos by realstarstv.




  • Kes

    Bring that Gold to Kenya … !

  • gadaffi

    mmmh yu never cease to amaze king of bling

  • Omo Naija

    OMG ! Prezzo in Naija, Omo dis bobo get balls oh ! Chineke !

  • Adebayo

    Abeg make we forgive am. I admire d bobos gut sha.

    • Chichi

      A chameleon will never change its color, Golden Girl be warned.

  • Naija Babe

    Prezzo leave our Golden Goldie alone Abeg, haven’t you done enough harm?

  • Clarus

    What an insult, Prezzo in Naija, oh my God !

  • Omobabaolowo

    I told u pple to fast & pray for 7 days for our Goldie make d jass from Prezzos magic stick clear from her eyes but una no take me serious, now e don happen abi. I hear say he even wear our agbada for Lagos. Chei dis bobo don vex me taya.

  • Abeg dis comments are funny 😀 !!!

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