Top 8 Men’s 80s fashion comebacks

The 80s are considered a time when fashion became a force to reckon with. Think back to stone washed denims, big hair, blue eye shadow, aviator sunglasses and studded jackets… Think of New edition and the swag they brought with them… All these and many more have made a comeback to the fashion scene and you will find them on shelves of every clothing store. The clothes in the 80s portrayed people who wanted to fit in, have an identity and be known for being with it and keeping it real!

Men’s 80s fashion that have made a come-back include:

1. Sunglasses

Especially the: Aviators, Wayfarers (especially the ones with a contrasting color on the temple) and shutter shades. The latter which made a famous comeback thanks to the likes of Kanye West.

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