Aladdin on Kiambu Rd. takes diners to a magical place

Like in the Middle Eastern folktale this 3-month-old restaurant on Kiambu Road has been named after, Aladdin Gourmet Restaurant, takes diners on a culinary journey to a magical place – far more magnificent than its geographical location may be known for.

Warm Tuscan yellow exterior walls, lush emerald green lawns carpet the red earth, rows of Geraniums and their clusters of brightly red-coloured flowers flank the welcoming entrance of Aladdin, the cool dark green foliage surrounding the property provides guests shelter from the sun, and the handmade furniture gives an unique touch that blends seamlessly into Aladdin’s cozy feel  – a visit to Aladdin will truly soothe even the busiest of urbanites.

Just the sound of Kiambu Road sounds far, but in this case, some places are worth traveling off the beaten path.  Less than a 20 minute drive from Nairobi’s city center, Aladdin is easily accessible from Kiambu Road, just before the Ridgeway’s junction.

Aladdin’s menu is diverse and unlike the name of the restaurant, the cuisine has little to do with Middle Eastern specialties.  Continental and fusion favourites grace the menu like steaks, grilled chicken, light starters, burgers, pan fried fish, pastas and even Chinese fried noodles.  Make sure you take a look at the chalkboard for daily specials.

The Capital Lifestyle team started off with the Crayfish Cocktail in a classic Thousand Island Sauce on a bed of fresh lettuce.  Large crayfish can be tough and rubbery at times and perhaps in this case, going medium on size may result in tenderer and sweeter flesh.

The team definitely appreciated the Chicken Wings.  Trimmed into a convenient and cute lollipop and tossed in a lightly spiced sauce, these wings were finger-licking good.

The special Aladdin Fish Curry was aromatic and spiced very well.  The sauce was rich, flavourful and not overpowered by chillies.  The cubes of fish were fresh and flaky.

The Aladdin staff was swift and very attentive, especially when the Nairobi wind turned unexpectedly chilly.  Within minutes, we were warmed by our own jikos placed at our feet.

According to Eat Out, an average meal at Aladdin Gourmet Restaurant will cost around Sh 1,500 per person.  For location details, prices, and how you can book online – make sure you check out Eat Out Kenya! Check it out now!



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