A closer look at Muthoni DQ’s ‘Feeling It’ video

Muthoni the Drummer Queen last week dropped her most elaborate video yet, Feeling it.

The dark-looking, fast paced, and uniquely shot video was a bold move described by director Laura Balsera as ‘HD Storytelling’.

The theme of the video was to depict the extraordinary musician as a ‘Queen of the Game’, and even in the song she says: “This is not me playing hard to get, this is me saying I am hard to get”.

It starts with Muthoni sitting on a desk, dishing out orders and in total control of her sphere. Dancers and trumpeters colour the scene as the song goes on if celebrating with her. But even they have an uncanny skill that stands them out from the rest.

According to Balsera, who studied her art at the McGill University in Toronto, the scenarios depict Muthoni on top of her game from whichever angle you look at it.

“I looked at Muthoni, where she is at in the industry and incorporated that in the video. We shot it with a scarlet red camera, a first time in Kenya,” she said in an interview.

The attitude in the song is unquestionable, and the video begs a closer look to decipher its meanings.

As one daunting verse goes: “Ati heh umeingia kwenye club na kadame kabarbie, kame-stand, kasafi, kana itwa Fulani, na ni nusu mlami na nywele mabegani unadhani eti kwamba nitajali, jamani…”

That, to me, tops the lines in Feeling It. How would you rate the video?

The video was launched last Friday at the Starflix Cinemas in Prestige Plaza.

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