7 telltale signs your friend is super toxic!

There are really toxic people with really toxic behaviors who derive their happiness from seeing you always down in the dumps and unhappy. They never have your best interests at heart and instead they will always focus on getting you IN trouble and not OUT of it. Women especially are known to be most toxic to even their so-called BFFs.

So you know you have a toxic friend if:

#1She always undermines you

Nothing you do is ever good enough. In fact any of her compliments to you are always followed by a “BUT”. Of your new fabulous hairdo she’ll say “Nice hairdo BUT I wish the hairdresser did this and that like this because the way she did it makes your head look massive!” Hate much? And then the next time you see her she is rocking the very same hairdo done in the exact same way that was supposedly making you look like a headmistress.

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