Deutsche Telekom to launch Asterix game for browsers

German telecoms company, Deutsche Telekom, is in the final stages of launching a browser game based on the world famous comic Asterix. The game is being developed in Vienna in partnership with the global publishers SEE Games.

“To develop an interactive adventure with such a legendary brand is an exciting challenge for us,” Marko Hein, Vice President Games at Deutsche Telekom, told the Business Wire.

“We are working hard so that we will soon be able to offer devoted fans a unique experience and breathe new ‘interactive’ life into Asterix. This game is definitely the flagship of a range of products which will get Deutsche Telekom started in the growing area of game publishing.”

Fans across the world will have free access to the browser game on the Deutsche Telekom games platform Gamesload.

SEE Games is banking on Deutsche Telkom’s 130 million mobile subscribers and over 17 million broadband lines that will help market and the new game.

Asterix has global appeal with over 350 million Asterix comics sold some of which have been turned into animations and live-action movies.

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