Revealed: Contents of a lady’s handbag

Finally, we can reveal the contents of the mythical bottomless ladies handbag. Although we have just scratched the surface in our quest to find out what is really contained in the bags, we now have a clearer picture of one of the two places men are forbidden and dare not to go. The other place is of course the woman’s mind, (which we will venture into some other time).


Most men believe the bags are the magician’s hat where you can pull anything out of. We can swear some of these bags have a hammer, tomato sauce, change of clothes for three days, empty soda bottles, superglue, wig, tent, battery fluid and the occasional candle.


So in an effort to demystify the Big Bag theory, I went on a fact finding mission to find out what exactly is contained in these massive bags, or as they are commonly known ‘fornication bags’.


Truth be told, the contents vary from one simple chic to another uptown lady. But there are common absolute essentials. So with much prodding and having promised to keep their identities a secret, four ladies revealed what their handbags hold.


Has one big hand bag with three other smaller toiletry bags inside:

 1. Make-up bag

–         Foundation (not concrete foundation)

–         Eye liner and shadow

–         Lip-gloss

–         Facial creams

2. The ‘essentials bag’ – absolutely cannot leave house without

–         Tampons

–         Pocket tissue

–         Sanitizer/wet wipes

–         Hand lotion

–         Hair brush and hair pins/band

–         Pocket Mirror

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