Prezzo: “ready to take on the world”

Kenyan rapper Prezzo’s near win at the just concluded Big Brother Africa Stargame is no chip off his shoulder, because according to him he has a world of opportunities ahead of him.


At a press conference in Nairobi Thursday a day after his return, the rapper revealed that though he thought the Stargame was his to take after Zimbabwean contestant Lady May’s exit, he has since understood that it was in South African Keagan’s ‘destiny to have won’ the Sh25m grand prize.


“To me Lady May was the competition. Because seeing her in the house, she was playing to the camera all the time. She had devised a game plan and was executing it. She was like a tortoise, always hiding under the shell and so I felt that she was a threat,” he said.


Wearing a glossy black shirt, sleek black pants and a golden chain dangling over several tattoos, Prezzo gloried over his recent appointment as ONE campaign ambassador against hunger.


“The campaign is looking at designing t-shirts with a slogan that I came up with ‘Swagger Farmer’ but they’re yet to send an email with details on what they want me to do,” he told Capital Lifestyle.


“I’m very excited about that project because it’s about giving back to society,” he beamed.


With his mother looking on, Prezzo revealed he was pleased that Goldie’s affections for him were genuine and stated that he was looking forward to inviting her to Kenya.


Other than striking it up with Goldie, Prezzo is hoping to pursue some acting and even politics as he goes on with the business of music and being a celebrity.

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