NEW MUSIC: Xtatic, Bamboo, Vivian Green

Xtatic has officially gone WILD with Sony Music Africa after dropping the first single off her upcoming album under the international label.

WILD is a mix of rapping and singing for the young lady, who confessed that she was intent on doing quite a bit of singing in the new album.

The album, also titled WILD, is currently being mixed and mastered after she went to Johannesburg, South Africa to have it recorded a couple of months ago.

Here’s the song WILD, (released exclusively to Capital FM by Sony) have a listen and give us your vote, is it hot or not?

Xtatic – Wild!

Meanwhile, Bamboo – the African Bantu – has released his first ever video since his return to the country last month.

Bamboo teams up with Lavosti under Phoenix records to present the digitally enhanced ‘Africa’s Calling’ video. Lavosti’s amazing vocals spice up the track, which sounds representative of Bamboo’s homecoming after more than a decade in the US.

Check out pictures from behind the scenes, where Director Sejo uses a green screen. Is it a hit or a miss?

US RnB Queen Vivian Green, who performed at the Lounge Unplugged last year, is also busy working on another album.

The Green Room is due out on September 25, and from it she released the song ‘Anything Out There’ on Wednesday.

Slow, passionate and feel-good; this track has the makings of a hit song.

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