3 extreme signs of being whipped

You ask her for permission to order a beer, she makes your decisions for you, you go home when she’s ready, and your friends have magically been replaced with her friends – you’re treading water my friend, whipped waters.

Here are 3 extreme signs of being whipped.  If you satisfy any of the below, there are no two ways about it, it’s time to reclaim  your manhood.

Airing out weaves

It looks like a monster, no it’s dead grass, wait, a dog…is that a horse’s tail?!  NO!  It’s a weave???  While sitting in traffic, I was completely stunned to witness one of the most disgusting things – a woman removing her dirty fake hair and laying it on her man’s dashboard in the sun like laundry – disgusting.

Now, how?  Airing out weaves in plain public sight on your man’s property is an extreme case of being whipped.  Since when did Kenyan men allow this to happen?  Demeaning, humiliating, might as well be a eunuch…I wonder who wear’s the pants in this relationship.  This makes holding my girl’s purse look like a manly thing to do.

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