Sauti Sol stage superb performance at Blankets

Blankets and Wine was reeking of musical zest on Sunday after organisers crafted a medley of spoken word, hip-hop, afro-fusion, and new age electronic songs for the thousands gathered.


Michel Ongaro, Yunasi, Sauti Sol and Tumi were some of the big names employed to create the 36th edition of the monthly musical picnic.


This is how it went down: Tumi called the crowd attention; Reason and Yunasi entertained them grandly and Sauti Sol topped it off with one of their best performances ever at the Leisure Gardens in Mamba Village.

There was literally no room to dance at the bottom of the stage as the Kenyan group rocked, serenaded, danced and shouted to the beats of their new EP, titled Sauti Sol.


The four musicians started off their routine with hit song ‘Lazizi’ and the resultant screams heralded the start of a success story. Dressed in black vests, the band seemed to have a fresh infusion of energy from a recent concert in the Czech Republic.

Michel Ongaro was first on stage; feeling out the audience with his acoustic guitar. Next up was Tumi, lead singer of South African band Tumi & the Volume. His twisted cap, black shirt and printed shorts dressed a rare talent of putting words together in a fashion that’s nothing short of brilliant.


An uplugged version of ‘Bus Stop Confessions’ drew whistles and cat calls and Blankets fans did not seem to mind that the Volume was not with him.


Tumi did not come alone though, he introduced a surprise guest by the name Reason, a South African rapper – fresh on the scene.


Hip-hop heads responded to Reason’s charms even though his efforts to not swear so much, failed miserably.

Meanwhile, Muthoni, the proprietor of Blankets and Wine, announced that American neo soul artiste Dwele would be the next act on stage on September 1.


(Pictures by Paul Munene. Find more here).

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  1. Ben November 11th, 2011 at 9:18 am

    RIP Heavy D…u will be dearly missed!!!


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