Tell your story using new Facebook Stories

Facebook has launched a new site that allows its over 900 million users tell and share their extraordinary and thought-provoking experiences. will highlight on a particular theme every month but users are not restricted on what type of story they can create and share.

For the month of August, the highlighted theme is about memories.

“Recently, we met Mayank Sharma, a 29-year-old man from New Delhi, India whose entire memory was lost after he contracted tubercular meningitis. As he recovered, Sharma used Facebook’s People You May Know Feature to help piece together the time he lost and was overwhelmed by the response,” states Facebook stories landing page.

The site, launched on August 2nd, depends on crowd sourced stories particularly on featured monthly themes.

Other stories include a narration of how a community on Guelph, Ontario came together to rebuild an old building purely from the memory of the residents. The New Yorker magazine is providing a reading list of books on improving your memory.

Every month, Facebook stories will feature some stories uploaded by users.

So will this new Facebook app be a hit or a miss?

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