Where did Prezzo get it wrong?


Angry Kenyan BBA fans vented their frustrations on twitter and facebook after rapper Prezzo was evicted from the House last night, in a tense finale that saw South African contestant Keagan announced as winner.

Hopes that had built to a crescendo when it was just Prezzo and Keagan left in the Upville house, but they were quickly dashed when the musician was asked to leave.

Prezzo got two country votes compared to Keagan’s whopping seven, which earned him a grand prize of about Sh25 million.

But as the anger subsided several good-luck wishes were relayed to the 4sho 4shizzy singer, congratulating him for almost winning the show, including from Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta’s Presidential campaign team.

Where did it go wrong?

Former BBA contestant Sheila Kwamboka thinks that Prezzo’s downfall may have been because of conflict in the house.

“He made too many enemies, and that’s what worked against him,” she told Capital Lifestyle.

“A lot of Africans genuinely liked him. He was cool, and an entertainer, but was disliked because of the fights he had in the house, especially with Barbz from South Africa.”

Another former Kenyan contestant Nick Wagondu meanwhile said that Prezzo played the game well and Kenyans should accept the vote.

“It must be hard for him to have come so close and then lose. There’s more to it than voting. Maybe we’ll get it next year,” he said.

Prezzo did not walk away from the competition empty-handed; he was given a big-boy scooter, a PVR decoder and the title of Ambassador for the ONE campaign against hunger.


  • big boy scooter? mass action!

  • Angey Maina

    Lack of strategy is what killed his chances…..After Goldie left, she would have been a sport soliciting for the Nigerian vote but noooo!!bafooon had to go open his mouth and anger Nigerians by claiming that Goldie was too clingy..too bad…

    • Bobo naija

      you got it right. advise him not to come naija or west africa but we love Kenyans

  • Nwayza

    The most votes that fool ever had was 4 countries so how the hell was he expected to win?

    • antiprezzo

      the fool was not suppose to win, he called other africans baboons bcoz they were from downville…………….I loved his last walk of shame last night

  • antiprezzo

    he didnt deserve the money, he said he was not desperate for the moola, he is too proud of himself, he feels too special, whilst he wasnt, this masai mara shd look at himself in the mirror again and see how ugly he is

  • antiprezzo

    the margin that he lost with is huge, he wasnt close to winning only fools will complain about his loosing….. if prezzo had won i was going to hang myself, I dont like Kegan either he acts like a retard but a retard was better for me that a proud for nothing prezzo. Ummm i wonder what Goldie saw in that ugly guy, ummm some girls shaaaame……. i will never date such an ugly guy, his lips looks like a piece of lungs on a butcher scale dhaaaaaaa

  • antiprezzo

    Prezzoooo u only deserved your country’s vote I wish Alex and Malonza had stayed to represent your country,……the handsome boys not u uglyoti…………….hahahahah Last walk of shame !!!!!!

  • Nwayza

    We was robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!who are the sore loosers now?


    The ones running chose
    to play politics with voters money and time. There is no way each
    country that voted PREZZO before would switch all of a sudden and vote
    Keagan. It is not even massive rigging. Someone with clout at the board
    and management just decided it would not bode well for the show-runners
    to deliver $300,000 to a perceived ‘baddest man in Africa’s showbiz’,
    how would that reflect on their image and ratings? South Africa has been
    hosting this even and has never ever won. Did someone’s job get

    So they decided to wrench away every vote from
    PREZZO and give it to Keagan. I.K. did not have to announce to the whole
    world on stage that PREZZO has been ‘awarded’ an ambassadorship by One
    Campaign. One Campaign wasn’t even a major theme of this year’s BBA.
    That info would have just fallen into place in its own time. But because
    there is haste to cover this massive fraud, the gimmick was int…ended
    to pacify PREZZO, disorient fans and disengage Africa from the glaring
    truth that an injustice has been done.

    Ms Mandela’s presence
    signified there was prior knowledge that R.S.A. is going to win,
    dignitaries don’t show their faces in entertainment events unless
    something massive is happening. All this was political and not

    • antiprezzo

      looool shame on you, who on earth would vote for Prezzo, only dumpies would do that. you are just seeking attention dude. Prezzo is not worth the money, remember he was beaten 7 – 2 thats a huge gap. Noone will ever say the person from his/her country didnt deserve the money. all of of us will always say that. Its a game and its a reality show its the viewers who vote not ministers and presidents, this is not politics. REALITY SHOW people will judge you, whether he did well on One Campaign or not his overall attitude counts.
      remember he though he was the only human being in the house and people from downville were animals, dhaaaaa as if he is from a better country shame on this Masai mara. If you guys think he deserve the money raise it for him we dont care. He is a coward, he will never get married he is a spitting snake.

  • Nwayza

    Unlike your Prime Minister our Politicians have better things to do with their time (like running the country) than interfering in reality shows……….

    • xxxx

      u r a fool

      • xxxx

        stop dragging our PM’s name into this issue. Your politicians my foot, manage your oil and stop slaughtering yourselves. Boko haram will finish you. Corruption and drug trafficking will consume you

  • Anumanu Nmuo

    Congrats oh Jared Keagan, nija has bn popping champagne since Sunday bcos d women abuser who thought he can diss a nija babe on natal tv, after cleaning his rotten nose,feet and even feeding him when he was ill. Let dis be a lesson to d whole of Africa, if u touch a nija babe, we flush u down d drain like we did to d 52, sorry 32yrs old fool Prezzo.

    • Nwayza

      He is more like a 90 year old man…..with stupid tattoos….Can you imagine taking advantage a woman’s good heart like that. I was so mad on that Sunday when he said F… you to Goldie…..

  • ruth

    How on earth could these people have felt that idiotic prezzo could hav won! The bofoon was always bad-mouthin other housemates in d diary room – including his countrymen; Malonza and Alex . He was just so full of himself,inspite of d fact that,u just need to take a look at him,and u will agree with d scientists who said man evolved from ape!!! kenyans we love u but,prezo was a NO NO !!! If prezzo in BBA is the same as Prezzo in reality,then i wonder what his mother taught him and i feel so very sorry for his daughter!!! Remember the way he kept attackin Barbz for no just reason? Think of the way he treated Goldie even when she was in the house.The orangutan will kiss Goldie and still mock her behind her back!!! All because he was desperate for $300 000 !!! The fool at 50 claiming to be 31 !!! Foooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!!

    • sassy

      you ont have associate Kenyans with apes you know…..I fail to understand your anger that makes you call people names yet you got what you wanted, Prezzo lost and we have moved on with our lives that was not the end of living.

  • give it up to him for standing his grnds regardless of the fights or threats!

  • LOL !! These comments !!

  • Marvin

    Indeed, El presidente proved to them haters that it ain’t always bout the bling but about the bling wearer. Hongera!

  • josiah kihumba

    big up awa buoy

  • Ewu Kambia

    We de pop champne,pop pop pop pop something …… Na so my nija pple de du am at d moment, congrats Keagan dear, we nija did it like we always do it, Sheila we love, Pre-zoo we hate. Now we know why his marriage failed, mummy’s pikin ! He kept on pointing at d speck in others eye,while d log in his remain,show me one housemate dt he genuinely like- none. Pls b warned dt if he show face for our airport, na gboko haram go finish am, stupid ape !

  • Omobabaolowo

    Prezzo got only 2 sympathy votes frm his parents country, ewoo ! D 22yrs old beat him hands down,can u imagine ! In Nigeria we respect & honor our women with love, our men are handsome, u can imagine what happened when DJ Exclusive was at d house,Maneta LCD hav raped him if she had her way, I don’t know what our wel to do Golding Goldie saw in dt pompos , ugly guy, even my grand mum stands erect at 90,Kenya shld get him a walking stick as a gift for disgracing d country, d Kenyans l know are always loving, like Sheila K. D guy wows no be small, chei !

    • karis

      what are you talking about? Nigeria has handsome men so what?


  • Team Africa

    Pls KP never had any genuine votes frm Africa, his fellow ye ye friends were d ounces manipulating votes to other counties, dt was why he managed to 4 4 votes initially, Africa can never keep its eyes open &allow soap water enter it,we don’t condole wickedness in Africa, Prezzo was wicked,haven’t u heard dt only his mama& pikin matters to him,if not for d cameras,he wld have poisoned all d housmates. Africa was just waiting for d last day to disgrace d idiot.

  • Ewu Kambia

    Omobabaolowo, can u believ dt our Golden Girl was cheering d idiot to win& started wailing when he lost out. Dis is a serious matter oh! E bi like dis guy don jass am with him jass stick. Abeg make we join hand & call on Eledumare for His Devine intervention on our sister oh b4 she go kolo.

    • Lawi003

      You even dont know how to write proper English. Useless naija

  • Omobabaolowo

    Ewu Kambia! I also heard dt she wore a t shirt with Prezzo picture on it before the eviction, Abeg our Golden girl issue don pass prayer, intact d babe don kolo already, can u imagine a high class babe like dt ! Infact l no no wetin to talk again, d stage wey dis our babe dey, prayer no go reach am,let’s just hope for the best. Me l don tire.

    • James

      No extra cash for Prezzo, poor boi.

  • bustarez

    big up C.M.B hope yo doing fine nicca……peace

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