5 surprising health benefits of sex

Having a healthy sex life is nothing new to maintaining a great relationship.  All relationship columnists have preached it to the ground, but aside from benefiting your relationships, what else does sex benefit?

Everyone can always spot someone who hasn’t had sex in a while.  Look at that grumpy colleague of yours, yes that one.  The one who seems to always be as stubborn as the stick up her toosh and clearly needs to have her plumbing checked.  How about the other one that seems to have a permanent frown on his face and can only bad-mouth his wife of ten years?

Emerging research shows that there’s more to just sex.  An apple a day can keep the doctor away, and in this case, perhaps an orgasm or two may be another great remedy.  Yes, being physically intimate may benefit your relationships, but here are a few more surprising benefits of “getting it on”:


Look younger

A new Scottish long-term study of people between the ages of 30 and 101 found that regular sex may shave 4 to 7 years off your physical appearance.  Researchers found that the actual act of sexual intercourse increases the production of human growth hormone, improving one’s muscle tone.

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