Sauti Sol to drop latest album at Blankets

Kenyan band Sauti Sol will be using the upcoming Blankets and Wine event this weekend to test the waters with their new self-titled EP album.

The EP, which has been produced by South African musician Spoek Mathambo, deviates from Sauti Sol’s original Afro-beats to adopt a more eclectic outlook.

The album was launched in Amsterdam’s MC Theatre on July 5 and was used by the four men who make up the band on July 14, during their first drop-down at the Colours of Ostravia, a massive music festival held in the Czech Republic every year.

voices of the sun from lebogang rasethaba on Vimeo.

As videos from the new EP are being put together for songs such as Love or Leave and Range Rover, the four men will take to the stage more than a year since entertaining Blankets fans.

Michael Ongaro and a mash up by Yunasi and Tumi & the Volume will complete the set of the August 5 line-up at the Leisure Gardens, Mamba Village.

Typically speaking, Tumi puts the volume on strong keys and bars that demand attention when played because they take music to an unexpected path. In other words, add a little hip hop and Tumi & the Volume will sound like a more refined version of Kenya’s own Just a Band.

Heavy guitar-stringing and heavy meaning on many words will demand a quiet audience, which should be a bit of a challenge.

A mash-up with Yunasi on the other hand promises to be most interesting.

So who’s coming? A ticket to Blankets this weekend retails at Sh1,500 at the door and Sh1,300 for advance tickets.

Zuku will be one of the main sponsors at the event.


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