Sankara’s Champagne Bar opens Friday

Sankara Champagne Bar Nairobi, Kenya photographed by Susan Wong 2012

Bubbles pop silently on the 7th floor of Sankara Hotel, while cased in coloured block glasses that are carved just enough to enjoy a healthy serving of the most expensive drink in the world: Champagne.

Black, gold and crystal are the themes of this svelte Champagne Bar, which opens its doors on Friday, August 3.

Tucked in a neat corner of the Sarabi Pool Bar, The Champagne Bar serves only specific tastes; namely prime champagne, single malt whiskeys and a few odd cocktail mixers whose secret powers only the bartenders seem to know.

The well known Moet and Chandon is used un-exclusively for cocktails, while the Taittinger Brut Reserve, Billecart Salmon Brut Rose and Hibiki 12-year-old Japanese single malt are the kings of the castle.

The rarest of these is the Hibiki; with a sweet taste and velvety texture derived from filtering a blend of malt and grain whiskeys through bamboo charcoal.

The Nairobi sky-line will look ever so opulent as guests indulge in glasses of champagne priced at between Sh2,000 and Sh3,500 each. At that point it really won’t matter that both the British and the French claim to have invented this drink. May the best drink win!

To supplement the ‘bubbly’ is a special menu, consisting of cured Scottish salmon, tramezzo (lobster sandwich), grilled scallops, truffles, designer macaroons, mushroom paste rolled in herbs and even Oysters with a champagne veloute.

Dom Perignon and Pierre Jouet will be hanging out on the shelves with the Ardmores, Ardegs and Glenrothes’ of the world.

To add onto that, Champagne lovers can pretend to be experts through a sommelier app available on Ipads, complete with tasting notes and pairings.

If you’re more of an adventurer, try this for size – mixed berry syrup, sweet herb infusions, a dash of orange juice, a tot of ‘silver’ Belvedere vodka and then top it up with champagne and a dash of Bols. Code Name: Berry Silver Royal.

Sankara Champagne Bar Nairobi, Kenya photographed by Susan Wong 2012Photos continued on next page…

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