Watch what you Tweet, jail time possible

A 17 year old has been arrested for sending a tweet to British Olympian diver Tom Daley. The teenager tweeted; “You let your dad down. I hope you know that”, after the synchronized diver finished outside the medal bracket, according to the Guardian.

Daley’s dad died a year ago of brain cancer. The Olympian had earlier said he hoped to win a medal “for myself and my dad.”

Police broke down the door on Tuesday, hand cuffed the teen and drove towards the police station. Sources say the teen may be charged with ‘malicious communication’.

Daley responded to the teen whose handle is Riley69; “After giving it my all, you get idiots sending me this.”

In social media circles, celebrities and non-celebrities are usually attacked on social networks in what has become known as trolling.

Already, two other participants at the Olympic have been expelled from the global event for racially abusive tweets.


CAPITAL LIFESTYLE ASKS: Do you think the teen should be charged and arrested for an insensitive Tweet?

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