Former TV host cleared in murder probe

Former TV Presenter Louis Otieno has been cleared of guilt in the murder of his girlfriend Careen Chepchumba due to lack of evidence.


The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) said on Monday that there was no evidence linking Otieno to the February murder, where Chepchumba was found strangled in her apartment.


In a letter to the Criminal Investigation Department, DPP Keriako Tobiko said a public inquest should be set up to resolve the killing.


“The totality of the evidence in her files does not connect her murder with any identified person or group of persons including one Louis Armstrong Otieno.”


He added that the inquiry will be conducted by the Prosecution Counsel at his office.


Otieno, who was among several people questioned over the 26-year-old woman’s death, had pleaded his innocence all along.


Chepchumba worked as an IT specialist at the country’s main electricity producer, Kenya Power, before she met her death.


(Story by Judie Kaberia).

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