You know you are not ready for a relationship when:

Many relationships fail because people get into them not knowing what they will bump into in the future. Often people expect things to be all rosy and when these “roses” fail to bloom all hell breaks loose. Relationships are tricky and one has to be prepared for what is to come in the future and how to tackle whatever it is as two people and not as one person. Being ready for a relationship boils down to accepting yourself first as an individual but below are some signs you might not be ready for a relationship:

:You still have a boatload of ex issues

If you are still dealing with your ex and you are still interested in what is happening in their life then this definitely means that you are not ready to not only move on with your new life but also accommodate somebody else in your life. If you still have strings attached with your ex then you should put thoughts of a new relationship aside because you will just be wasting somebody else’s life.

:You lack self worth (read, you don’t love yourself)

Having self-worth means that you know yourself and understand yourself. That you also love yourself above everything else hence you know exactly what you are worth. When you know your worth then you will allow yourself to accommodate other people and treat them as they deserve to be treated.

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