The versatile Sweater Dress

Check out the images right below. From the blue sweater dress all the way to the simple grey maxi dress…what do you see? Well, to make things easy…I see “stylish simplicity” and that is what the sweater dress does for the wearer…it gives you a simple stylish look hence “fabulosity” at its best!

There is a way to manipulate wool to get exactly what you want, hence you will get different weights of wool.

Since the sweater dresses come in a variety of designs, you can choose the right one based on the lightness of the wool and the design and length that best suits your silhouette.

With the Nairobi weather that is never constant, you can wear your sweater dress throughout the seasons. Sometimes throwing on a jacket when its too cold and sometimes just wearing it sans the jacket when you know the weather will get warmer as the day progresses.

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