Talking Spouses: How to be different but be one

(THITU KARIBA) – Each day I discover more and more how different men and women are. We are wired so differently that it is amazing we not only get along and co-exist, but that we were deliberately made for each other.  Did you ever say something and your spouse took it in a manner that was so far from how you meant it? Many times this comes down to how we are wired as men or women and not because you were actually wrong and this is something we have to be conscious of and apply when dealing with each other.

There are several books written about men and women and how different they are, but there are also many books written about how they were made for each other.  When Adam was in the garden, he looked around and he found that every creature had a companion and that none was suitable for him. God himself looked and said it was not good for Adam to be alone and made Eve. The thing is he made man and woman so different that it is at times difficult to get along. I find courage in that for one He is God and He knows what He is doing and makes no mistakes and two, in that He said that she was suitable. If God says we are suitable for each other then suitable we are right?

The world changes by the day, Men and women may not change but the world around them changes and fast. One day there is a list of all the things women can do, the next day there is a list of all the things women can now do, rights, laws and roles surrounding the sexes are ever changing. It is no wonder we are having a hard time relating.  One thing that never changes and will never change is God and His word. He remains the same yesterday, today and forever. If you and I sought Him in all things even matters concerning the man/ woman relationship there would be no confusion because it is constant and never changing.

The word of God, the Bible and the books written by men and women that agree with His word will give you all the answers you need to be different but be one.  God would never leave you out in the cold, he is not a sadist who is having a laugh, He wants you to work.  Take time to study the opposite sex both in books and as individuals in person, only when we appreciate and understand our differences can be best to know how to love and meet each others’ needs and be one. “To know you is to love you.”  I can assure you that even in all your differences you were made perfect for each other.

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