BBA: I am not a traitor! says Alex

The latest Kenyan casualty in Big Brother Stargame, Alex, has defended himself against claims that he is a traitor because of putting Prezzo up for nomination.

In an interview with Capital Lifestyle on telephone, the aspiring businessman said he was shocked to see the accusations on social media when he left the studio Upville house.

“We are just different people with different personalities. And his personality conflicted with my interests and that’s it. I did not pretend. You saw it when he came at me just for giving Goldie a compliment. I was like hey man relax, but he didn’t. The next he was treating me like nothing had happened, no apologies nothing.”

“I found him a bit too aggressive and that was that. There was no beef at all. I don’t keep grudges,” he added, insisting that his reasons for the nomination were in plain sight.

Alex says he had hoped to be a finalist, but since that was not going to happen he was rooting for Wati from Malawi to win the $300,000 cash prize.

“I think he should win cause he’s a smart guy, and nice when he’s not intoxicated.”

Alex said the virtue he came out of the house with was tolerance and he hopes it will come in handy when he starts up his business.

“I can’t tell you about it because I don’t want anyone to steal my ideas,” he laughs, but stated that it involved a lot of money!

Alex was booted out of the Stargame alongside Keitta from Ghana, who laughed off his ‘reluctance’ to shower as a by-product of the cold weather in Johannesburg, South Africa where the house is located.

“Yes, there was hot water but Lady May would shower for a whole hour and finish the hot water, then what to do!”

Keitta is eager to use his new found freedom and celebrity status to catapult his modeling career among other things.

“I’ve grown fat from all this food in the house and will work on getting into shape so I can continue with my modeling. There are a few prospects already lined up for me that you probably should hear about in a couple of weeks. I got a lot of advice and insight from the South African contestant Barbz, who was like a big sister to me.”

The Ghanaian explained the division between Upvillers and Downvillers as a clash of character.

“Downvillers are more connected and Upvillers were more laid back, I guess its cause they’re celebrities. So things just played out that way where Downville guys felt united and the Upville guys got intimidated.”

Keitta says he will be glad to be able to buy his own alcohol since leaving the house, wake up without the animal sounds blaring in his ear every morning, and be united with sweetheart and former contestant Mildred in a few days time.

Alex is also hoping to win back someone’s heart in Nairobi. Anyone know who the mystery girl is?

Meanwhile, CMB Prezzo is back up for nomination this week.

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