Top 5 baits that will get you a date, maybe more


Some of us, most of us are guilty using one of the below – baits – to get the attention of your next target.  Here are the top five baits that will get you a date, or at least a number and a conversation.  The rest is on you.

#1 Kids

You’re at a family and friends’ barbeque and you notice a gorgeous lady by the pool, someone that you have never met before.  Accompanied by what seems like her girlfriends’ kids, your target is happily babysitting.  How are you going to get her attention?  Your friend’s two-year-old son suddenly wanders off and walks towards your target and her group of kids.  “James, don’t run,” you shouted caringly after your friend’s boy just as he was greeted by your beautiful target.  “Sorry about that, you know kids…Hi, my name is Henry…”

And, the rest is history.


#2 Dogs

You’re walking your girlfriend’s dog around the block, and a cute neighbour walks by and greets you in her tight sportswear.  “Awwww, she’s so cute!  Did you just get her?  What’s her name?” she asks, “I have a poodle too, maybe we should walk our dogs together?” The rest is also history.


#3 Work, business, colleagues

When you see someone on a daily basis, finding an excuse to talk to your gorgeous colleague is easy.  There’s always some work lying around that you can ask for her opinion or assistance. *wink*

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  • Yohanna

    Are you recommending people to get into car accidents to score a date. That’s full retard and anti-social.

    • Haha…… Can commenting here get me a date? Yohanna

    • Moses Wangai

      true full retard

  • isaac

    total b.s

  • msschew

    have you seen poodles in Kenya?
    This is cheap journalism, you copy-paste from an American article, change a few details then label it as advice. Come on, do some real journalistic work; carry out research on Kenyan habit and cultures, then write stuff that relates to us.

  • SEEMS LEGIT!…….. lol

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