Top 10 iPad apps: TV stations offer Olympic streaming

(Relaxnews) – TV companies in the USA, Canada and Australia top the free iPad app charts with Olympic content. Details of these and other iPad apps by country* for the week recorded on July 23 can be found below.

01. USA
NBC Olympics Live Extra (sports)
Live broadcasts, video on demand, replays and notifications from NBC’s sports coverage app.

02. UK
Font Quiz (Games)
Can you identify a movie, tv show, game, brand or band by looking at just one letter? That’s the Font Quiz challenge.

03. France
Sonnerie (Entertainment)
Usually a paid app and known as Ring.tones in other territories, Sonnerie allows users to create their own ringtones or choose from a catalogue of hundreds.

04. Canada
CTV Olympics London 2012 (Sports)
Videos, highlights, and news with live streaming of CTV, TSN and Sportsnet broadcasts promised once the Olympic Games start on July 27.

05. Japan
Enjoy Learning Japan Map Puzzle (Games)
An English and Japanese language game that helps players remember the names and abbreviations of Japan’s numerous prefectures.

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