Kenyan rising star Xtatic: who is she?



“My father wanted me to go to the Kenya School of Law, but that wasn’t me. Maybe I’ll take it later ‘cause education never ends. I did a small course on radio production and another short course at the Multi-media University. To me though, music was on my mind,” she said.


“I don’t need to be filthy rich, or hang out in the cool spots; one thing I always want is to be comfortable with my life. I don’t wanna be Jay Z or Beyonce or nothing, I just want to be comfortable. I didn’t do music knowing I would get a deal. I was doing it because of the love I have for music.”


Xtatic gives the example of her video Prep Track, which she said was shot at the rooftop of her mother’s apartment block.


“Pinye took it and I didn’t know he was going to play it. Then some websites took it and like a month later I got a call from Rockstar. I didn’t pay attention because I thought it was someone trying to prank me so I was just like ok… They said they’d call me back in three days time.”


Rockstar got Xtatic’s number from Porgie of Code Red, who got it from musician Bamzi, whom they did a song together with.  She went to South Africa to sign the deal and the rest is history.

“I’ve been recording since I was 16, at Jiganje studios. My father didn’t like that I was doing school and doing music. But I was only doing music for mix-tapes, for the purists. It’s only like the WAPI crowd that would listen to me. I would record songs and during my first show ever at WAPI in 2009, I ended up free-styling.”


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