Kenyan rising star Xtatic: who is she?

Gloria Mecheo, aka Xtatic, drove into The Galleria Mall on a motorcycle, dressed in royal purple with a matching helmet and I couldn’t wait to get started on the exclusive interview with the young musician, who is about to release her latest track via Sony Music Entertainment Africa.


At just 21, Xtatic is reeling from the whirlwind year she has had; from putting up an unfinished track on YouTube in March 2012 to signing a record deal with Sony Music, a management deal with Rockstar 4000 and recording her first ever album produced by The Fahrenheitz – all in the span of five months.


Though she has been busy, she takes it all in stride with her motto for life: ‘to be comfortable’.


Let me explain. It’s been a bit of a hard knock life for Xtatic, and that has taught her to take life as it comes without flinching, and making the most of what she had. Luckily, her heart is still in the right place.


Gloria confesses that she never really knew she would settle on music, with a wide array of interests while growing up that even lingered on gymnastics at some point.

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