Alex booted out of Big Brother Stargame

A not too disappointed Kenyan boy Alex became the second countryman to leave the Big Brother contest last night, in a double eviction that also saw Keitta from Ghana sent home.

Voters from across Africa chose to save CMB Prezzo, Lady May from Namibia and Malawian Wati with 5, 5 and 3 votes respectively.

Prezzo’s weight came from Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Rest of Africa. Nigeria opted to give their vote to Lady May despite a link between Prezzo and former Naija housemate Goldie.

Alex got no votes, while Keitta’s votes from Ghana and Sierra Leone were not enough to keep him in the game.

Alex was surprised to see that his ‘boy’ Wati had placed him up for eviction to see how he would fare against his compatriot Prezzo, but the celebrity musician won the day again.

“I thought that instead of voting for the celebrity, the African people would vote for the ordinary person,” said Alex when he chatted with BBA host IK on his way out of the Stargame.

Goldie’s exit has forced Prezzo to interact more with housemates, who are frustrated because they keep nominating him and Lady May, but Africa chooses to save them.

Should they stop trying to orchestrate things and realize that them staying in the house is not really up to them? Biggie, could you talk to the Downvillers?

It will be interesting to see what reception Alex gets in Nairobi, after his more popular sibling Malonza was not lacking in female attention during an eviction party at The Galileo Lounge.

Former BBA contestant Millicent Mugadi was present at the VIP party.

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